Speaking to the Heart of the Matter with Soul
Break. Heal. Achieve™

LaDondra is a dynamic speaker that possesses the ability to speak deeply into the human soul to inspire courageous action! Her messages are insightful, impactful and reinvigorating. She has a unique ability to integrate biblical wisdom with business and personal development to create a transformational experience.

She inspires audiences to break the cycle of lies that stand against their purpose and heal with soul to achieve a soul aligned legacy. She brings reinvigorating energy that leaves audiences feeling inexplicably connected to their soul’s calling to become the powerhouse they were born to be.

LaDondra will inspire your Audience on the following topics

Rise Above the Shadows and Dream

   Identify the cycle of lies that limit expansive growth

  Discover how to own your story and heal with soul

   Reclaim the power to achieve your dreams

Confront Conformity and Conquer

   Learn how to recognize the assignment on your life         

  Unlock your God-given identity and limitless possibilities

  Discover how to establish a legacy that aligns with your            soul

Surrender Your Biz for

Unstoppable Success

  Discover why it’s important to hear God in your business  

  Learn how to honor the call on your life from a state of            “being”

  Establish a root system that enables unstoppable                     success


Janeé Hill


“LaDondra has a tremendous ability to give practical how-to’s, along with spiritual insight and wisdom. Her diverse background in business and life experiences make her a knowledgeable, grounded, relatable speaker. I highly recommend her and will definitely look for ways to utilize her in the future.”

Tamara Payne


“For the first time in a long time, I took time to focus on me and my communications practice. I breathed, went into my soul and shut down enough to let God guide me. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without LaDondra sharing her vision and expertise at her Soul-Alignment Business Retreat. She truly has a gift of lifting and empowering women.”

Lanette Reed


“LaDondra is an excellent communicator. She came and spoke at an event I hosted and shared her heart and passion for women in business. She was very helpful, approachable and made herself available to answer any questions. From there, she mentored many women in my church concerning their business. I would highly recommend working with her!”

Dr. Shannan Crawford


LaDondra is enchanting and her enthusiasm is contagious. She sees the best in those she works with and she creates action plans to help her clients live at their highest potential. She is incredibly encouraging in ways that instills courage and confidence to act with purpose and strategy. I have been highly blessed by her.

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Click here to learn more about LaDondra Hervey's award winning book, Powerful Beyond Belief. This book is designed to help you discover the business owner you were created and designed to be!