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We're Aligning Faith with Business

Our faith based business community provides Biblically based coaching & training to help women entrepreneurs like yourself to overcome their story (those lies that keep us playing small), so you can shift your trajectory to shine in the light of your gifts and make the impact and income YOU are destined for.

Let us help you turn your gifts into a viable business by joining our faith based business community.

why work with us?

Here's Why!

When you work with us, you’ll learn how to create the shifts necessary to move in alignment with God's highest vision for your business. We blend faith with intentional action for clarity and focus to become the powerful business owner you were born to be!

WOKE Faith Based Business Community

Christian Business Community that provides coaching & training to help you go from purpose identification, to profit creation, and beyond into legacy impact.


Check out some of our Success Stories

LaDondra listens with a capacity that draws out the treasures within those she coaches. She is wise, discerning, and clear in knowing how to help people create vision and develop a realistic action plan to attain their dream. LaDondra’s heart is to serve people, her highest goals are to launch people into being wildly successful in their purpose. LaDondra is enchanting and her enthusiasm is contagious. She sees the best in those she works with and she creates action plans to help her clients live at their highest potential. She is incredibly encouraging in ways that instills courage and confidence to act with purpose and strategy. I have been highly blessed by her.

Dr. Shannan Crawford

crawford and associates

Because of LaDondra, I am reaching out to more people. I am no longer afraid, I have a structured plan so that I feel confident in what I am saying!! I love that she is motivated and driven to see me win!!! I can't thank her enough for what she has done!! The best part about it is, it's not over yet.

Jamesia Lynn

Health and wellness coach

Through working with LaDondra she gave me a lot of valuable information that helped me define my goals with my business. She put together a strategic assessment with observations that aligned with my business goals. LaDondra is a very loving, sensitive woman that draws you in and helps you see and feel the importance of your purpose behind your business or job. She helped me see the good points of what I was doing and the areas I needed to work and build on. LaDondra's guidance gave me the confidence I needed. The way she presented my assessment showed me just how big my goal, job, and purpose were and how significant it is to others. She also helped me see the things I overlooked. I loved working with LaDondra and highly recommend her to any person trying to further their business or trying to see what their goal or purpose is.

Carol Gilbert


LaDondra was able to reach inward to discover what it was that presented itself as the block to my business growth. Because of the strategies, LaDondra implemented in our coaching sessions I have now been able to present myself more confidently, see the future with a stronger leadership vision and face challenges more boldly with strategic alignment.

Jaide Flynn

financial services professional

When I met with LaDondra, I could tell immediately how much she loves what she does. She was able to understand things about me that have taken others years to realize. LaDondra pointed out my truest desires and encouraged me to fulfill them. Every meeting with LaDondra was eye-opening and informative. She made me feel as though I was speaking with a dear friend that had all the answers about how to connect me to the fullest potential. LaDondra is blessed and a blessing.

Jessica Hickerson

infinite impressions

While working with LaDondra, she helped me gain clarity with my packages and pricing for my clients. She walked me through some pretty powerful exercises that helped me explore my services and offerings. I was pretty stuck before working with LaDondra but now I have a clear direction and templates to use with my clients. LaDondra's intuition is always spot on. She knows how to get to the heart of you and your message. She gave me permission to be me with my clients and helped me see my value. I would highly recommend working with LaDondra if you are ready to get in touch with your inner self and gain clarity for your business.

Dawn Shannon

business navigator

My Business Breakthrough Session with LaDondra Hervey was amazing. I left feeling inspired to turn things up a notch in my business.

Felicia Green

I was struggling, trying to compete with other art studios and never making a real profit. After coaching with LaDondra, she gave me hope by helping me to align my business with strategies that set me apart! I am now charging higher fees and working with clients that love paying for my services! I am so grateful and would highly recommend working with LaDondra.

Desra, Mobile Artist

artfully happy

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